Registrations open for the 2017 Rural Connectivity Symposium & the Emerging Tech in Health Symposium


This year’s Rural Connectivity Symposium, combined with an election year, gives you the perfect opportunity to help shape the future of rural connectivity. The focus of the 2017 event is to hear from a range of speakers of how connectivity is helping improve emergency and disaster responses in rural New Zealand, rural health outcomes, rural business opportunities and rural living in general. We look forward to you joining us in this critical event.

In 2017 the Rural Connectivity Symposium is also part of an exciting programme where two individual days are being linked together to strengthen the message of the need to ensure communities and individuals are able to “live, work and play well” where they choose in NZ. Providing services and care “Closer to Home” demands that we address the many challenges this places on us to think at least 10 years ahead and work back from there.

Day two (24th May) is the Emerging Tech in Health day brought to you by NZ Health IT and Health Informatics NZ and challenges us to look at how healthcare will be provided in ten years’ time, especially closer to home, what part technology will play in this and the need for the country’s infrastructure to support all of this. People living in rural communities have specific challenges when it comes to their healthcare and the providers of this care are having to design and implement new ways that meet the demands of a diverse population whilst facing chronic workforce shortages and increased pressure to perform. The solutions for rural communities are also transferable to urban areas and technology is the conduit by which all of this can be brought together.

You can choose to register here for the Rural Connectivity Symposium, as well as take advantage of the special pricing to attend both days of this two day programme. Click on the button “tickets” to do this.

We also have some excellent sponsorship opportunities associated with both these events. If you’re interested please click here.

Membership – Organisations

Membership is open to organisations which are autonomous national rural health bodies; or rural sub-groups of national health bodies or national bodies and/or sub-groups which can demonstrate a significant interest in rural health.
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Membership – Individuals
Individuals interested in rural health issues can join via a Friends Membership. The purpose of this group is to support RHĀNZ by building grassroots connections for the Alliance’s policy, information and advocacy work.

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